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Warm in a Cold Night -Review

It’s been a while since I have watched something that is has I enjoy in a good show. Warm in a Cold Night is one of them. It has drama, mystery, romance, fantasy, and lots of humor.

This Chinese mystery period fantasy series features Li Yi Tong as Jiu’er, a young female detective, Bi Wen Ju as Han Zheng a handsome lone wolf-shifter, Chen He Yi as Prince Wen Jun, and He Rui Xian as Chi Lan a kick-ass female who grew up with Han Zheng.

In some ways this show reminded me so much of what I liked best about Buffy the Vampire Slayer: the Scooby gang that stuck together through thick and thin despite their many different personalities and backgrounds. The chemistry between these four young actors was so good, it was easy to believe they were real friends. The mysteries they solved were fun and weird enough to grab your undivided attention and I found myself binging on episode after episode.

The romance between the two main characters was believable and adorable, and their stories heartwarming.

Even the minor characters were absolutely delightful, from Han Zheng’s personal guard played by Hu Cheng Yi to Jiu’re’s mother, Deng Ying and Wen Jun’s guard, Li Shi Peng. They were all played to perfection.

And interestingly enough, despite being a not-so-serious show, it dealt with a very relevant theme for today’s world: tolerance, equity, and understanding between races.

I highly recommend it. It has one of the best–and most appropriate–endings I have seen in a long time.

Warm in a Cold Night- Photo by IQIYI TV

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