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Dowser Series #5 – Review

Maps, Artifacts, and other Arcane Magic (The Dowser #5)Maps, Artifacts, and other Arcane Magic by Meghan Ciana Doidge
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I continue to love Jade and her slightly airhead personality. She’s smart and strong but doesn’t believe herself to be and that’s just my kind of heroine. I missed Kandy–so glad she made a short appearance through a phone call–in this book but I’m sure she’ll be back stronger than ever. This installment of the Dowser Series also includes the budding romance between Jade and the Sentinel and let’s just say that sparks fly at some point.
Great story, great characters, great writing, awesome sense of humor. There was a scene in particular when Jade, Kett, and Warren (I may have his name spelled wrong) meet with three clueless young adepts that had me laughing out loud. Good thing I was not in public.
Highly recommend.

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