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Graphic Noiz – Release Tour and Review



graphic noiz 3


Natsuya Uesugi has a new queer/mm yaoi romance out: graphic noiz 3. And there’s a giveaway!

Noiz (Wolf Tadashi Begay) is anxious as he gets involved in the New York City manga artist community who teases him calling him “Gaijin.” The community says he is not “Japanese enough” to be a mangaka while New Yorker’s say he doesn’t “act Black enough.”

Having grown up in Japan and on the Reservation after his parents died, his childhood trauma causes Noiz to doubt himself and his talents going on a journey of self-discovery as he navigates being an artist, coming out as gay, and being Hafu (half Japanese and half Native American). He finds he doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere.

Turning to Shiro Ijima, the famous Japanese SF writer who initially insults him, the aloof writer uses his own sordid past as a mangaka who was abused by his narcissistic mentor to help Noiz accept that being different does mean inferior but unique.


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Year old raving otaku and anime fanatic, Noiz a indie manga artist, fresh out of art school with a two year degree. Crator of his original SF manga, Disaster Code, he is eager to show off his first finsihed volume at New York Comic Convention.

Discouraged when no one stops by his table, he is intrigued when famous former manga artist, Shiro Ijima, author of the bestselling SF Fissure novels is showcasing his latest book at the con. When Noiz notices Shiro at his table and compliments his art, a chain of events that leds Shiro’s agent Keita to inquire if Noiz is available to work on Shiro’s new property.

Keita asks Noiz to illustrate Shiro’s new Fissure manga and the game of cat and mouse as Shiro leads Noiz on flirting with him in a seductive and manipulated game starts roping Noiz in hard. its all about the contract, but Shiro has other things in mind?

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Natsuya Uesugi


An award-nominated writer and manga artist with a BA degree in English, a minor in Japanese, an art degree in animation, and an MBA in International Management, certificate in Social Engineering and multiple awards for articles on Net Neutrality, Privacy,, LGBT Youth Homelessness, Cybersecurity and Cyberbullying, Natsuya is writing his dream of showcasing fictional minority characters in positions of power.

Of Multi-cultural Mixed heritage,, he sees life through the lens of challenge, marginalization, personal power and systemic marginalization of QPoC minority voices that are often silenced and invisible in mainstream literature, film, and comics. Focused on bringing stories of empowerment, truth, triumph and hope against insurmountable odds, Natsuya uses fiction, fantasy, and yaoi to spread his positive message encouraging young people to live their truth and dare to be their genuine selves. His stories, lauded for bringing visibility featuring Queer People of Colour, showcase the power of a multicultural viewpoint and the power of daring to pen diverse, real world fiction fostering the complex aesthetic of #OwnVoices realness, beauty, and truth.

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My Review

All in all, Graphic Noiz was a fun read that touched on some serious and relevant themes such as mixed ethnicities, cultural and racial identity, and even rape. It featured characters from different cultures and backgrounds which is always a plus for me and the author/artist did a good job at representing Noiz confusion and Shiro’s trauma. 

I did think however that the writing of Noiz’s insecurities about his multi-racial ancestry was a bit repetitive (Noiz repeated the same questions many times throughout the book in the same words) and I wonder if the point would have been made stronger if the script was a bit more diversified in terms of text. I did love the support he got from both Shiro and Shawn (we all need someone like that in our lives to remind us how amazing we are) and at times I wanted to slap him and yell, “Will you listen to them already?” LOL.

The romance writer in me loved the romance between Shiro and Noiz (so glad Shiro finally confided in Noiz about his past) and the HFN ending made me smile. 


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