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O Muse, Where Art Thou?

I’m stuck! Actually I’ve been stuck for a couple weeks now. The novel I’m writing is not flowing like all my others. If it wasn’t for the fact that I am seriously annoyed and depressed about it I would laugh. I’m a pantser who does very little planning and almost no pre-research. When it comes to this novel though, I have planned and researched up the wazoo. My MMC has a specific disability that, in order to come across half-believable, required extensive research. The FMC also needed quite a bit of research considering she’s a modern day witch and I have no wish to offend that group of readers with totally made-up spells or beliefs.


Then why, o why, am I so stuck? The characters don’t have much chemistry and the scenes are just flat. A lot is happening but where’s the emotion I normally put into my writing? Where’s the cheese? (Yes, I have been accused of being a cheesy writer more than once.)

I go home from work, sit with my laptop on my lap, and I stare! Literally! I just stare at the screen. If I’m lucky I’ll write a couple words, maybe a sentence or two. Argh…How can this be so hard when I’m writing about a beloved character?


Where’s my muse? What do you do when your muse is vacationing in a much nicer place than your head? It’s lonely without my muse.



  1. In a similar boat myself but in answer to your question – I write about something else. Something entirely different. I suppose another approach could be to do a questionnaire with one of the characters to see what makes him/her tick. Or add another character in. Hope it all kicks starts again soon.

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    1. Thank you for the suggestions. My publisher suggested I had it read by a beta or two and that’s what I did. It was helpful and I may be out of the woods, so to speak lol.
      Good luck with your as well.

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    1. You know when I first started writing it I was going to have two POVs but then I got cold feet because of the MMC’s disability which would make it pretty complicated (don’t want to give any spoilers, lol). But I will definitely keep that as a way out if this muse does not start talking to me soon. Thank you for the suggestions.

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