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One Day in the Life

What does a day in my life look like? Total madness. If I was to put a face to it it would be that of the Mad Hatter, crazy clothes and all. I’m a writer but like most of us I have a day job. For most of my day I teach elementary school kids (thus the crazy clothes) and I write afterwards and in between.


I normally get up (should say drag myself out of bed) at six in the morning, brew a cup of coffee, do my toiletries, and sit at  the computer trying to catch up on some  of the emails, marketing , etc (the not-so-fun-part of writing) before leaving for school. By the time I get there (normally around eight) I get into teacher mode for the next eight hours or so. If I can I will write a little during lunch hour (misnomer of course.  We only get a half an hour), but normally is noise and chaos all the way through.


At the end of the school day, unless I have something that absolutely needs to be done (and trust me there always is), I am out of there like a bat out of hell. Except for my yoga days (which have been neglected slightly lately) I go straight to my favorite booth at Panera or home to my laptop. What do I do? I write.


Lately the writing bug has bitten me so hard I don’t even watch TV—and I do enjoy quite a few TV shows. I have a pile of movies and series I have missed for the past few months that I am hoping to get to this summer once school is out. The same goes for books. If I could pile all the books on my TBR list (including the e-books)  I would possibly have a tower just slightly shorter that the Space Needle.


My glamorous life of a writer is full of hours and hours in front of the laptop in my lounge clothes (which is a slightly more sophisticated word for pj’s) with my reading glasses hanging precariously over the tip of my nose and my husband pissed off at me because I’m not paying any attention to him. Meanwhile, the dirty dishes pile up in the sink and the laundry room looks like I’ve been hoarding clothes for years.


I always try to go to bed at around ten, but by the time I write the last minute posts on Facebook and Twitter, put that special touch on a blog, or just go over that pesky last chapter one more time, it’s already past eleven. Because currently Lady Midnight (by Cassandra Clare) is waiting for me on my nightstand, I end up falling asleep after midnight and get five hours sleep if I’m lucky.

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Credit: Meme Binge

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