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Clandestine: A Garden Falls Novel

Clandestine: A Garden Falls Novel

Allie Kincheloe



Finding himself in Claire’s bed wearing nothing but a Zorro mask wasn’t exactly how Zane planned his Halloween. It was a certainty his sister’s best friend would lose her mind when she realized what they’d done. Having been secretly in love with Claire for years, Zane has no choice but to hide his identity. But he can’t just walk away…

Claire knew waking up naked and alone was just a part of a one-night stand. So she wasn’t too upset to find her mystery man had bounced sometime during the night. But when she finds his mask and a note, she can’t help but be intrigued. A few corny poems later, Claire starts a hunt to discover the identity of the mysterious “Z”. His demanding, yet sincere, persistence arouses not only her desire to recapture the magic they had shared on Halloween, but stirs up hidden desires she’s held on to for years.

When her best friend’s brother suddenly ups his flirting game, Claire is caught somewhere between her clandestine admirer and the man she knows she can’t have. Will she choose the secretive “Z” who won’t even tell her his name, or risk her relationship with her best friend and take a chance on Zane?

Excerpt :

The loud blare of a train whistle pulled Zane from the depths of sleep. Why was there a train? Where the hell was he? There weren’t any trains near the lake. His Zorro mask blocked one eye. Tugging it up, he blinked a few times until his eyes adjusted to the dim light. A four poster bed? Satin sheets and pillows, a sweet perfume lingering in the air. Not his apartment.

Silky, long hair splayed across his bare chest. A soft arm lay across his stomach. Feathers tickled his arm. Feathers?


He’d went home with Claire. Not just went home with her, but went to bed with her. That was her arm. Her naked body pressed so temptingly against his side. The feathers from her angel costume bent around his arm. And damn, she felt just as amazing as he’d dreamed she would.

She’d hate him when she woke up and discovered him in her bed.

He gulped down a ball of dread when that little speck of consciousness dropped into active thought. No way would she be cool with this. Not even a little bit. His heart and mind raced while he tried to come up with a plan that didn’t end with Claire castrating him. She’d made it clear how little she cared for him, repeatedly.

He wasn’t even sure why she seemed to hate him so much. Back when they were teenagers, she’d followed him around like a lost puppy for about a year. And even the year she’d half-lived with Talia they’d been cool. But it seemed like the more he tried to make her like him, the less she did.

And finding out they’d had a drunken one-night-stand? Yeah. No. He liked his balls just where they were. Firmly attached to his body.

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