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Sippy Cups and Semantics



Writing is nothing new to me. I always remember myself as a writer even as a young girl. I recall taking great pleasure in writing creative essays in elementary school while all my fellow students groaned and moaned. I wrote my first poem when I was in 3rd grade and lived in Angola. As a teenager I wrote several novellas (I didn’t know back then that’s what they were called). They were not very original romances, but I spent a lot of time writing them. For one of them I had the good fortune to have my best friend, Susana, as my “consultant”. As a young adult I wrote a fanfiction (again, no idea it was called that when I wrote it) piece about my favorite rock group, The Styx (they wouldn’t be happy about it, trust me) and a short fantasy story (and my very first in English) inspired by Kate Bush’s song Delius (I wish I still had that one. I loved that piece).

I stopped for a while to make room for marriage and motherhood. But with my first baby, inspiration returned and I wrote my first novel-length story; a historical fantasy set in Scotland. It turned out to be a prophetic piece since I actually moved to Scotland shortly after finishing the novel. This was also the first time I ever tried to get published. It was a great idea, but I’m afraid it was poorly executed. One day I may revisit it. While in Scotland (where you cannot NOT be inspired) I wrote another fantasy and a romantic suspense novel. By then I didn’t think I would ever be published and I wrote just for fun.

For some years I didn’t have a chance to write much. I was busy bringing up two boys and rediscovering great new things like art and education. I started several novels but didn’t finish them. My muse had left me, it seemed.


A little over a year ago, the Sippy Cups and Semantics (is that a great name or what?) came into my life. This small group of local writers invited me into their fold and the rest is history. I didn’t know any of them personally at the time. We had met in a book club and we knew that we all shared a passion for reading and writing. It was like they had lit a fire in me. I couldn’t stop writing. My muse was back.

Through them I heard about the National Novel Writing Month. I had written a flash fiction piece I really liked and I wondered whether I could expand it into a full novel. This short piece is soon (January) going to be published as a full length romantic novel. My dream is coming true.

I really owe it to the Sippy Cups. They are one of the best things that ever happened to me and I am so proud to be part of this amazing small group of women writers. Mark my words, one day we will all be (semi) famous authors; Sydney Everson, Genevieve Powell, Johnie Dreaire, Janna, and Jessica. At that time I suggest renting that beautiful farm house in Elkton again and have another writer’s retreat. With all this talent gathered under one roof who knows what amazing things will be written.


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