Epiphany Surprise (Surpresa dos Reis)

I found myself this Epiphany morning stuck at home thanks to snow. My house is at the bottom of two huge hills that become skating rinks every time it snows. I can see one from my window and it has afforded me a never-ending source of entertainment as I sit with a hot cuppa watching the poor devils who are either brave or foolish enough to attempt that ascend. Trying to come down is even worse. You can drive down the hill but considering that my turn is at the very bottom of it, you can imagine what happens to those who try to turn there.

My county schools, in their infinite wisdom, decided to soldier on and keep schools open today. I feel for them for they were heavily criticized last year for finally having the good sense to close schools when the weather was threatening to become a problem. However, they also seem to have very short memories for just a few years ago we had a similar situation that did not end well. There were school buses that crashed, others that never made it to school, teachers that ran off the road…it was not a pretty sight. I made it to my school that day driving my little car only by the power of prayer and a lot of luck. It’s almost like déjà vu today; school buses crashing, cars sliding off the road, teachers stranded…

The silver lining (because there is always a silver lining or so I like to think), you ask? I am home and I am finding out about the joy of writing sprints. It amazes me what your creative mind can come up with in such a short period of time. Just as I think, “I don’t know what else to write” my brain comes up with something else. Sometimes it’s a dud but most of the time it’s something that is already or can turn (with a little revision and editing) into something great.

I may never get published but these past few months of writing just for the pleasure of creating something new and unique have been so much fun and so full-filling. I am a happy camper. So, as I sit at my laptop, Bolo Rei (see picture. My mouth is watering) rising in the kitchen (Portuguese traditional sweet bread for the Feast of the Epiphany, or like we call it Dia dos Reis ), and three sprints already completed, I feel awesome. Now, if I could retire early and dedicate all my time to reading and writing…

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