Goodbye Christmas Break

I have never been much of a lady of leisure (some may argue that I have never been much of a lady but that’s a matter of opinion) always preferring to work than being left to my own devices. I am not sure what changed, maybe it’s just old age setting in, but these two weeks of vacation changed my mind. I LOVE not having to go to work, I love having free time to not only do the daily necessary chores but time to go and have a leisurely cup of coffee, read a book in peace, go to yoga every morning and, best of all, be able to write and write and write some more.

I have tried to steal some moments at work during my lunch hour (whoever thought of that name for a 25 minute lunch break? In my country a 25 minute lunch break is called a coffee break; time to savor a good espresso and a sweet pastry; not a full lunch), sandwich on one hand, attempting one-hand typing on my keyboard… by the time I finish a sentence, it’s time to wrap it up and go back to work. It just doesn’t work.

I am planning some write-ins with friends and some writing sprints with other like-minded people for the next few weeks but I am going to miss having the luxury of just sitting for a couple hours a day and lose myself in my imaginary worlds of wonder and words. What do you do to keep up with your writing during a work week?

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