Yoga Anyone?

If you never tried yoga I strongly suggest that you give it a go. Not only is yoga the most relaxing form of exercise (I call it therapy) in the world but it is also the one with the coolest, funniest terms. Where else would you get to walk on the walls or do a bird of paradise? That’s exactly what we did today in class. We walked on the wall and we twisted ourselves into this fun pose called the bird of paradise.

It doesn’t end here. Every session we get to walk the dog, get into pigeon pose, stand like a warrior or a crescent moon, do the camel, and (my favorite) do the crow. When you are tired you are allowed to return to your baby years and get into child’s pose or happy baby.

As if this was not fun enough, at the end you get into corpse’s pose (savasana) and get to just lay there like a dead body for at least 7 minutes. Covered in a blanket if you choose to and peepers covered in a lavender-scented eye pillow. Ahhhhhhhh…

Better than therapy and a lot cheaper with the double benefit of working on you physically as well as mentally. I found the joy of yoga almost 2 years ago now and I am so happy I did. It clears my mind from stress “bugs” which in turn allows me to navigate through my day happier and be more creative and productive.

Go, grasshopper and find a yoga studio near you! Namaste.

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