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Court Lady – A Review

If you follow me here or on any of the other social media sites, you know I’m a huge fan of Chinese dramas, especially the historic and fantasy ones. The right word is probably more like obsessed, lol.

I just finished watching the series, Court Lady, and I felt I need to share my opinion about it. This was one of the best, most satisfying dramas I have watched in a long time for various reasons.

First let me tell you a little about the C-drama (historical and fantasy) usual structure/plot. It normally starts on a lighter note, often depicting a innocent side to the main characters and it develops into the destruction of that innocence one way or another. Things progressively become more serious and the writers often throw many obstacles into the MCs’ path. Towards the end of the series, things normally get really hairy with the death of many of the cast of characters (I guess Game of Thrones style), sometimes all of the supporting cast and even one of the MCs. One of the big fails of many C-dramas in my humble opinion is unsatisfying endings. Often, the last episode leaves a bitter taste in the viewer’s mouth.

This is where Court Lady differs from all the others. I have to first congratulate a great cast–from the MCs and all the “good guys” to the villains which were so not black and white evil. There were many nuances to each character which gave them depth and had me hating them one minute and pitying them the next. The two main characters are a couple of my favorite Chinese actors. Smart cookie Fu Rou is played beautifully by Li Yi Tong and Chu Mu (swoon) is played by Xu Kai. But the side characters were sometimes even more amazing. Chu Ling (Chu Mu’s middle brother) and his love interest, Princess Xin Nan were a favorite of mine because they broke every rule, every tradition you can think of. Their funny and yet, heartwarming relationship was the best I have seen in a while. Kudos to the actors, Fan Shi Qi and Wu Ji Yi for portraying it to perfection.

Yes, there were still some hard to swallow deaths on the way to the conclusion of this wonderful story and at times it was a little preachy, but all in all it was a great ride. And the ending, holy crap, it was the most satisfying one I have seen in Chinese drama or any other drama. No loose threads, no gloom and doom, all hearts and giggles.

Highly recommend it.

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