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Gild-A Review

Gild (The Plated Prisoner, #1)Gild by Raven Kennedy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I almost didn’t finish this book. The first few chapters were painful to read, not only because of the main character’s situation as basically a caged pet but also because of her attitude toward it. She was so comfortable with the fact she was little more than an animal for the man she loved and accepted his deviant inclinations as nothing to fret about that I cringed at every page for the first few chapters. The book starts with an orgy that the main character is made to watch. Even now, after reading the rest of the book, I still feel that scene was unnecessary–or at least how long and detailed it was. The other thing that made me almost give up on it was the language and the frequent use of the word c***. Profanity is great to emphasize certain character traits or situations but when used too much it loses its power and becomes, well, cringeworthy. That’s, of course, just my opinion.
Another reader convinced me to continue to read it, and I’m glad I did because the story is fantastic and full of surprises. After the first few chapters, the character begins to change and rebel against her situation even if not fully and the plot thickens. I’m definitely reading the second in the series. Caution: there is a detailed rape scene that is very hard to read (or listen to, which was my case). Not a book for the faint of heart.

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