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This whole Corona virus crisis (or WWIII as I call it) got me thinking. This is not the first time something huge rocks my boring, everyday life. I’m over a half-century old and when I look back I come to realize there has been some truly scary moments in my life that involved me and many other people around me. So I decided to make a list and hope to write about each one individually (in separate posts), with hopes of not boring you too much, dear reader.

The first three were all in my native Portugal when I was still a young child (five, seven, and eleven respectively) but left vivid memories, which have followed me my whole life. So much so I have recently decided to research them and find out how much of what I remembered was factual and how much came out of the wild imagination of my child-self. The other two are no strangers to you, of course.

So I leave you today with a simple question; besides Covid-19 which pretty much has affected every single person on earth one way or another, which major event in the world has left long lasting and life-rocking memories in your life?

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