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Project Revolution


Project Revolution (book 2 of R is for Rebellion)

Rebellion is more than skin-deep…

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The #13 hottest contemporary romance releases on Amazon, Project Revolution!

The Sequel to the Romance, Contemporary Romance, and Coming of Age AMAZON #BESTSELLER is on #LIVE!

🚨🚨Project Revolution can be read as a sequel or a STANDALONE.🚨🚨

Project Revolution:

Rebellion Project:

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Madison Bell has had enough…

All her life, she’s been called a kiss-ass and teacher’s pet, all for the crime of being a good student. Her only goal is to make it through high school unnoticed, but Linkin Phillips kills that plan. He teases Madison relentlessly and is a rude jerk in general…but what’s worse, she has a crush on him.

Madison decides to shed her goodie-goodie image and remake herself. But she didn’t anticipate how deep the change would go…

When she makes “cool” new friends, she realizes a fresh reputation is more than the clothes you wear. Her reinvented identity comes with dangers and challenges she hadn’t anticipated.

Her situation isn’t looking much better than before, but is she ready to give up and accept the torment from everyone–including Linkin–that went along with her former image? She’s torn between her new life and her old one, and her choice will not only affect her present, but could change her future forever.

One thing is certain–Madison will never be the same again.

Will Project Revolution be a success? Or end up destroying her life?


5 stars – “OMG I did not think that Sara could out do herself after the first book…but she did!! This book was so wonderful!! Heartfelt, endearing and full of real life. I was given a copy of this book and am choosing to give a review because I loved the book that much.
Madison is in her senior year of high school and feels like she doesn’t really know her friends. She plays soccer but doesn’t feel super close to anyone on the team. Then there is Linkin her arch nemesis who thinks he is the king shit. People call her goodie because she does well at school. Then one day Beth and Linkin play a nasty prank on Madison and not only them but all her friends are involved. Heartbroken Mads runs away from school back home. Her best friend Lauren comes over and they plot revenge….nothing terrible but enough to hurt…and Mads gets a makeover. 
She goes back to school with a fun prank and a bit more confidence and starts to make new friends…but are they good friends? Then Linkin starts following her around and she doesn’t understand why…will Linkin turn around and be a decent guy for once or is he just sucking up to bring more hurt. This book is a MUST read!! So so so good!!” – Melissa S

4 stars – “I loved this story so much. Although it’s written for a “younger” crowd, I definitely found myself really interested and reading for hours at a time. I love Madison’s thought processes and realizations through her journey. I thought the plot was pretty quick but not so much that the reader would be confused. I don’t recall there ever being a slow part that bored me. It really showed the ups and downs of high school, which is both terrifying and enlightening. I would recommend this to my friends, for sure!” – Alexandra V

5 stars – “This was a funny, heart warming and endearing read! The MC, Madison, aka ‘Mads’ is downright adorable and I liked her both as a “goodie-goodie” and as a bad a$$. The plot moved fast but didn’t make the reader feel like they were missing anything. All in all a fantastic read and this is one of those books that I could totally picture as a movie!!” – Kiarra T

5 stars – “I loved Madison. She’s such a good student. People call her a kiss ass and she becomes tired of it. With meeting new friends comes new changes but will it be good changes or will it be a bad idea” – Paula G

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