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When Angels Call – Character Creation

I debated whether to talk about Sky in this series about character creation, mostly because he is the main character in a book yet to be published. But if there was a character who speaks to me on a daily base it’s him; my angel—literally. He’s an angel, wings and all.

Sky Heavensent is an angel assigned to the Soul Collecting Squad under the supervision of Archangel Gabriel in my M/M paranormal romance (and romcom as well. I hate genre labels), Lavender Fields. He started as a way of surprising my readers in a flash fiction story. He was very good at it and I fell in love with Sky. I just had to give him a full-length story.


Sky is klutzy, hyperactive, and very lonely. Among his perfect people he is the “imperfect” one, the one that is constantly blundering, the one that always seems to swim against the tide. The truth is that he has what the other angels have lost; true compassion, the ability to love truly and completely.

When Sky meets Caleb he doesn’t stop to think of himself in order to protect the one he loves and for him, Sky is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for an angel (can’t tell you what it is. Sorry.).



I loved creating Sky, not only because he is an angel—duh—but because he has a very distinct and altruistic personality. He’s an outcast (I do love my outcasts) and he is starved for love and companionship. He is also a very curious soul—which is always getting him in trouble—with a thirst for knowledge and understanding of others. I love that. I find people who are content with living inside their bubbles puzzling to say the least.

When Sky falls in love he falls completely and literally. Writing about him and his love for Caleb, was—to use a word I seem to use way too much—awesome. Their love was so strong I swear I felt it myself. These guys did not give me a moment’s rest; I dreamed about them, thought about them, wrote about them…the manuscript is off to my editor and yet, they are still haunting me—in a good way. Strange how characters from a fantasy can feel so real to you in ways real people don’t.


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