Life Musings

The Big Blue

I’ve always loved blue. Even as a child and, while most girls professed their undying love for everything pink, I was crushing heavily on blue. All you have to do is walk inside my house to know it. No matter how much I try to break from it, my décor always end up focusing on all shades of blue. Even when I decided to buy charcoal sofas, the prints and accessories all heralded the most peaceful color of all. I seem to surround myself with the color blue even when I am not aware of it. Until recently I couldn’t explain why that was, but a few weeks ago while I was meditating in my yoga class I had an epiphany of sorts.



I know now why blue is so important to me. When my yoga teacher told us to go to our “happy place” I immediately went to the beach of my childhood. Grant it, the beach of Paço de Arcos is not the most beautiful beach in the world or even the country. But it’s the beach where I spent an enormous amount of my time growing up. And that’s when it hit me. Every time I think of the beach I see it; the blue of the ocean and the blue of the sky. From the windows of my childhood apartment the blue of the ocean greeted me every morning and lulled me to sleep every night. The gulls and the swallows soared in the blue skies of my hometown and filled me with a sense of peace I crave for but find so hard to find as an adult.



So when I wear a blue sweater or write with a blue pen in a bluish notebook I am simply… going home.


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