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A Character Interview- Sam

I am here today with Sam Corra, the main male character in my novel We Will Always Have the Closet. Several of my readers complained that they thought I didn’t give them enough about Sam; that they felt they really didn’t get to know him well. So, I thought I would interview him (and yes, writers are crazy that way. I talk to my characters all the time. Sometimes out loud.).I hope you enjoy it and feel free to add any question in the comments. I will make sure that Mr. Corra will answer them (wink, wink).

Hi Sam. I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a few questions about you and your life. I will start with some real basic stuff. What did you eat for breakfast? Did you make it yourself? Do you wash the pan after you cook the eggs or do you leave it for the maid to clean? Do you have a maid?

(Sam laughs) Okay…strange question to start but… I like to make a good egg sandwich with lots of cheese and spinach on it for breakfast. Needless to say, I have to have a nice hot cup of java to go with it. And yes, I do clean my dishes right away. I hate messes and I do NOT have a maid.

Colin Egglesfield

(Not Sam, but just what I kind of envision him to look like. This is actor Colin Egglesfield)

Do you have a pet?

No, my life just is not right for a pet. Being an investigator I never know if I may have to be away from home for a few days. Having a pet is a big responsibility so if you know there is a chance you may not be able to take good care of it, just don’t get one.

Are you an only child?

Wow. You sure jump around with your questions (gives me a dirty look). I am an only child. My parents had me pretty late in life.

Are your parents alive?

(Lowers his gorgeous green eyes) Unfortunately, no. My parents died quite a few years ago.

Do you like to cook? Do you use recipes or make up your own recipes? 

I do like to cook once in a while. I don’t follow a recipe but I promise you that I can make you beg for more if you are ever fortunate enough to taste my mac & cheese (winks at me, the cheeky monkey).


(Looks yummy, doesn’t it?)

Do you put both socks on first, or one sock, one shoe?

Holy crap! That’s a bizarre question. Never paid attention. I’m normally too busy thinking of what I need to do next to pay attention to that. Weird. You’d think I’d know something like that…

Are you married? Are you divorced? How many times have you been married?

I have never been married before, but as you know I will be tying the knot with my Petra here very soon. Then I’ll be Mr. Galatas (laughs at his own joke).

Do you live in an apartment or a house?

An apartment in the heart of Seattle. It’s not big, but it has an amazing rooftop garden with awesome views of the Cascade mountains. Very serene.

Do you mow your own lawn or use a landscape service?

I have a guy that comes and takes care of my garden. I do not have a green thumb and I would have killed all the plants—including the grass—by now.


(Sort of like Sam’s rooftop garden)

What is your earliest memory?

(Becomes serious) My birthday when I was in elementary school. My parents were not much for celebrations, so I normally did not get a birthday party. Eventually I got used to it ,but when I was in first or second grade I used to see all the other kids having parties and it was hard for me not to have one.(I feel like kissing him right now but I don’t think Petra would approve)

Do you hold the door open for the person behind you or do you let it go and slam in their face?

(Raises his eyebrow) Hold the door, of course. What kind of person lets the door go on someone’s face?

Do you take chicken soup to your elderly neighbor when they are sick?

I don’t have any elderly neighbors, but I did take quite a few meals to Petra when she was injured. Does that count? (nice try!)

On Monday morning, are you excited to go to work, or are you sad?

It depends on what case I’m working on. And of course I don’t have a Monday through Friday job so my first day at work could very well be on the weekend. (notice he didn’t really answer that question?)

Do you honk at the car in front of you if they didn’t see the light turn green?

(Slaps his own knees. Ouch!) Hell yeah! Just to wake them up. Not out of anger…much. (winks)

Do you exercise or are you a coach potato?

I do exercise. My job is physically demanding so I have to keep in shape especially considering I am no spring chicken. (who cares? Hot tamale!)


(No, not Sam either but a detective/investigator nevertheless)

Have you ever served in the military?

Yes, I was a marine for quite a few years and even did a tour in Afghanistan at the beginning of the war.(Obviously not too keen on talking about his military days)

What is your greatest fear?

Losing Petra. (Now I really want to kiss him.)

Would you like me to get you a glass of water? Or would you rather have soda? Wine? Whiskey?

You’re very kind. (smiles) I like a beer once in a while. A glass of a good red with dinner. But my drink of choice is coffee. Sorry to disappoint you. Any Starbucks around? (Honey, for you I would go fetch it in California).

Thank you Sam for those honest responses. Do you think you could get me an interview  with Miss Galatas?


(The original Starbucks in Seattle.Been there.Pretty cool, eh?)


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