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Six Book-Marketing Tips

Being a new published writer, I don’t feel I am qualified to give anyone advice in the marketing field. I am still learning. However, I will share with you the small pearls of wisdom I have acquired in the last year or so, since my adventure into publication began.


  • Build your platform (this takes time). Expect this to take over a big chunk of your life and cost some money.


  • In order to build your platform (see above) one of the most successful things I have done so far was participating in a FB Hop. But participate in online parties, create a blog (if you have time to keep up with it), make yourself visible any way you can.
  • In social networks such as Twitter make sure you use the right hashtags and reach out into other groups of people that may not be necessarily writing-reading related. A lot of my followers, for example, came from the art world since I like to include the arts in my stories.
  • Be “social”. I’m an introvert but I find that the beauty of virtual social mediums is that they don’t exhaust me half as much as the face-to-face thing and they are also a lot less anxiety-producing.


  • Network with other writers. Most of the many writers I have networked with so far are very supportive. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.
  • Conferences and workshops. This is one I have not done much because of my day job. However, I am planning several for the summer and next year. Not only you learn, but you also network and get pumped up and validated as a writer. If you feel your inspiration run dry, go to a writing and/or reading conference or workshop. Instant inspiration.

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