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My Writing Room- Blog Challenge


I don’t really have a writing room. I have a library with a desk where I could most likely write in comfort and relative peace. I also have an office with another desk where I have written in the past. However I very rarely write in any of these great spaces.

My regular writing “hang-out” is my couch with my tiny Ikea laptop table (see picture) or a single booth at Panera after work. I also write in the library once a week with my writing group.


I’m not sure why I prefer to write in the middle of everything when most writers prefer to write in solitude. I think life going on around me actually inspires me. It all started, I believe, when I decided to go back to school and take a second degree. I was a mother of two energetic boys and I quickly found out that if I tried to study or write papers at home, they would almost invariably get themselves in some kind of  trouble. I found a creative solution for this problem; I started taking them to Chuck E. Cheese’s where they could play for hours in a safe environment while I dove into my textbooks. It was chaos, but it sure beat having to get up every ten minutes to go get them out of trouble.


Panera is my favorite place to write. Having people around me (with the possible exception of those who watch videos on their phone super loudly) feeds my imagination, and the stories just seem to flow easier than anywhere else. The coffee helps, of course!

Where do you like to write and why?



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