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Giving This Dream to You


I couldn’t end this week of giving thanks without thanking the one person who always believed in me; my dad, Fernando Reis. Unfortunately my dad left this earth fifteen years ago, but he is and always will remain my hero. I’m sure I broke his heart by moving across an ocean and giving up my career (at least for a while) to follow my husband. Not that he ever said anything, but I know he expected me to reach for the sky and catch a star.

I think I am finally catching that star. I am about to have my first book published. It took me a lifetime but I did it. I know my novel is not the best thing ever written and I have moments when I question my publisher’s sanity for giving me this chance. My dream is coming true and I can’t deny the fact that I am ecstatic with joy that my father’s name is going to be on the cover of a book; my book. I feel that I finally am able to pay my dad for all he has ever done for me, for guiding and supporting me. Ethereal singer, Enya says it better in her new album Dark Sky Island,

So let me give this dream to you
Upon another shore
So let me give this dream to you
Each night and evermore

(So I Could Find My Way)

Thank you, dad.  You will always live in a special place in my heart. I love you and miss you. This book is for you.

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