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New book by Valerie Seimas

I discovered Valerie’s books sort of accidentally, but I am glad I found them. They are funny, romantic, well-written, and just fun to read. This one was just released today so I can’t really vouch for it yet. I have it already cued in my Kindle and ready to read though  🙂 Check it out!

Pucker up

Faith West – the Girl Next Door of the now defunct 00’s girl group Attitunes – had a secret. She had many in fact: secret talent, secret career, secret summer love. A lot hid behind her cheery, optimistic smiles. And this was the one week a year when she let it all out.

Dustin Andrews knew that week – it was the week he buried himself in projects and plans. Anything so he wouldn’t think about singers and their secrets. He led a simple life without messy emotions. He’d risked his heart once and wasn’t about to do that again – not when that girl and her voice still haunted his dreams. And his bedtime stories.

Every year that one week came, bringing sadness and solitude, and their only hope was to survive it. This year the universe – and some well-meaning nieces – had other plans. Aided by lyrics, lawyers, and lemons, the girls are trying to solve the mystery of the broken heart, and reunite the country boy and the songbird that got away. No one told them Happily Ever After was a myth.

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