My Super Nephews

If you are following this blog you know I have just returned from a trip to Portugal. I am a proud Lisboeta (native of Lisbon) and I didn’t move to the US until I was an adult. Leaving behind your family and friends is not an easy thing to do but until a few years ago I was always able to go visit them about once a year. Unfortunately with the prices of airline tickets skyrocketing (pun intended), my visits have become rarer and rarer. The last time I went to visit was over three years ago and it was not under the best circumstances.

My visit this time was very short but at least, I did get to spend some quality time with my mother, sister and nephews. I even got to see some family members I had not seen in over 30 years (yes, so I am old. Live with it!). And of course, I got to eat a LOT of the wonderful (underestimated) Portuguese cuisine (more stories to come on this). My expanding waistline is here to prove it.

The best part though (besides spending time with mom and sis) was getting to re-acquaint myself with my two nephews. These two guys are great. Smart, good-looking kids that can go far as long as they don’t sabotage themselves (which I hope they don’t). Here’s my dedication to my two super-awesome nephews!

The oldest one is a self-proclaimed nerd with enormous (albeit still untapped) potential and a heart of gold. The youngest one is a self-proclaimed ladies-man (LOL) with more energy than the Energizer bunny and also a heart of gold. They are both handsome (don’t let it go to your head) and very smart and I know that they will prove their father wrong by turning into amazing men and make their fantastic mother (my sister, of course. Good genes run in the family) very, very proud.

I had such a good time teasing the youngest and talking shop with the oldest (he is an aspiring writer, as well). My heart swelled to see how they both treat their mom who has gone through hell these past three years and support their grandma. I have no doubt they will both become great successes. They just have to believe in themselves and make it happen.

I hope to see you guys again soon. Make me proud grasshoppers, make me proud!


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