If you have been following my blog, you know I love reading. When I was a kid I had two passions; books and dancing. It hasn’t changed; the only difference is that I have added a few more things to that list. I love the feeling I get by reading a book that grabs hold of me, body and soul, and gets me so involved I practically forget who I am and that I have a life outside that book. However, as many books as I have read throughout my life only a few have afforded me such a feeling. Others have entertained me, interested me, and even captivated me but not to the extent of shutting the rest of the world out.

I am reading such a book right now. I couldn’t tell you it’s the best written book I have ever read but the story has definitely taken me hostage. When I am at work and I can’t think of anything else but opening my Kindle and read, a good sign this novel has me totally and utterly under its spell. When I find myself sitting in bed until after midnight, eyes struggling to stay open knowing I will have to be up before 6 the next morning so I can read more of this story, you can be sure I am hooked for good. It’s a kind of enchantment, a magical spell created with words an author wove together in a magical combination.

If you don’t believe in magic, then you have never experienced a truly good story. As for myself, nothing pleases me more than being bewitched this way, separated from reality by a storyline than demands your attention, your total loyalty. What books have ever made you feel this way?

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