New book by Valerie Seimas

I discovered Valerie’s books sort of accidentally, but I am glad I found them. They are funny, romantic, well-written, and just fun to read. This one was just released today so I can’t really vouch for it yet. I have it already cued in my Kindle and ready to read though  🙂 Check it out!

Pucker up

Faith West – the Girl Next Door of the now defunct 00’s girl group Attitunes – had a secret. She had many in fact: secret talent, secret career, secret summer love. A lot hid behind her cheery, optimistic smiles. And this was the one week a year when she let it all out.

Dustin Andrews knew that week – it was the week he buried himself in projects and plans. Anything so he wouldn’t think about singers and their secrets. He led a simple life without messy emotions. He’d risked his heart once and wasn’t about to do that again – not when that girl and her voice still haunted his dreams. And his bedtime stories.

Every year that one week came, bringing sadness and solitude, and their only hope was to survive it. This year the universe – and some well-meaning nieces – had other plans. Aided by lyrics, lawyers, and lemons, the girls are trying to solve the mystery of the broken heart, and reunite the country boy and the songbird that got away. No one told them Happily Ever After was a myth.

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Dating Maggie

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With her 25th birthday looming, Maggie Jennings makes herself a promise… She will get a boyfriend and an acting gig within the year or break-up with Tinsel Town for good!

She has a cool job as a movie studio guide, and Botoxed blondes and traffic jams have even started to grow on her. She’s using a new dating app and has a dating vlog—but she yearns for more.

Cliff Kincade is in L.A. for a wedding, but he’d much rather be back home at his Oregon ranch…

Still stinging from a divorce, he’s gun-shy about women. But when he meets a cute, curvy tour guide, he’s surprised by the chemistry between them. His ranch keeps him in Oregon, though, and Maggie’s Hollywood dreams keep her in L.A., a situation that can’t possibly work.  

Maggie and Cliff search for happiness in the arms of others, but fate has other ideas. She can’t stop thinking about the rugged rancher, and when her life takes an unexpected turn, sending her back to her hometown of Portland, she’s forced to make some serious choices.   

Maggie and Cliff both have dreams—and dreams are a wonderful thing—but what if they’re hoping for the wrong things, and love is waiting in the one place they’d never expect?

DatingMaggie Cover 2


The front door squeaked open. First Maggie saw the steel-toed alligator skin boots and worked her way up to the Stetson cowboy hat perched on the guy’s tall, rugged frame. There was goatee stubble on his face. His hazel eyes were penetrating. He was undeniably hot.

Maggie was having a hard time breathing. Be cool. Cowboys were so not her type anyway. And what was one doing in Hollywood? Maybe he was an extra on something shooting nearby. If not, shouldn’t he be in Montana roping steer or something?

Sweat pooled in her armpits from running to work. She glanced at her reflection in the dark paneled door. Her hair was thrown up in a messy crow’s nest of a bun. And her uniform did her no favors. Pleated beige polyester pants and a loose green polo shirt would make anyone look dowdy.

The cowboy extended his hand. “Ma’am, I’m here for the movie studio tour.”

MJ Greenway

M.J. Greenway’s debut novel Dating Maggie was inspired by her years in Tinsel Town. Her passions have always included reading, writing and eating chocolate. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and son.

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Keeping the Tarnished


Johnny Tregalis leaves home the minute he turns eighteen, but he’s the only one who knows why…

Arriving in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Johnny has nothing—not even a plan. Local veterinarian Jackson Everett notices the boy, who reminds him of his own teenage son, and offers him a bed for the night.

Meeting Jackson’s wife Graye, his son Jared, and four-year-old daughter Bryce, Johnny sees a family he could never imagine. He’d been raised by his abusive father after his mother disappeared with his younger brother, and he’s sure he’ll be packed off to a shelter in the morning. He can’t believe it when he’s invited to stay indefinitely.

Johnny refuses to discuss his traumatic past as he attempts to fit in…

The Everetts try to help the profoundly troubled teen, but he seems to be at the mercy of his own mind. He’s held captive by flashbacks, excruciating night terrors, and a mounting inability to distinguish delusion from reality. How can he possibly recover, go to school, have friends…have a life?

Physical scars only hint at deeper psychological devastation…

As the shocking truth comes to light, Johnny struggles to overcome years of abuse, poverty, and despicable horrors to become part of a real family, but is he strong enough to defeat his demons? The Everetts realize Johnny’s journey is now their own, but they face a daunting task.

How much sacrifice is too much when all you can hope for is keeping the tarnished?

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Bradon Nave was born and raised in rural Oklahoma. He attended a small country school during junior high and high school, and graduated with only three people in his class. After graduate school, he decided to devote his spare time to his passion of writing.Bradon currently lives in Piedmont, Oklahoma, with his wife and two young children.

When he’s not writing, he loves running, being with friends and family, and being outdoors.






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By Jennifer Loring

“When love is not madness, it is not love.”

Stephanie Hartwell is a journalist chasing the story of her career…

When superstar hockey player and notorious bad boy Aleksandr Volynsky is traded to the Seattle Earthquakes in a blockbuster deal, Stephanie demands the opportunity to prove herself by scoring an exclusive interview with a man with no love for the media…the same man she once though, as a naive teenager, she’d someday marry.

An Olympian and Stanley Cup Champion, Aleksandr has achieved every goal he’s ever set…

Now expected to carry a failing team on his shoulders, Aleksandr’s troubles deepen when he encounters Stephanie after a season-opening loss. His lifestyle of drinking and random hookups has been a futile attempt to forget the beautiful tomboy who stole his heart nine years ago. And worse, fame and fortune have made it impossible for him to trust anyone–especially Stephanie, who is engaged to another man.

Romance rekindles, but tragedy reveals Aleksandr’s dark side…

Being with Aleksandr in the first place jeopardizes Stephanie’s journalistic integrity and threatens her career, and when he spirals out of control, it reawakens fears from her own history, making her unable to commit to a future with him.

When Aleksandr discovers the truth behind his self-destructive behavior, will his newfound self-awareness be enough to convince Stephanie to give him one last chance…


About the Author: Jennifer Loring’s short fiction has appeared in numerous magazines, webzines, and anthologies. In 2013, she won Crystal Lake Publishing’s inaugural Tales from the Lake horror writing competition; in 2014, DarkFuse published her novella Conduits, and in May 2015, Omnium Gatherum released her debut novel, Those of My Kind. She is a member of the Horror Writers Association and the International Thriller Writers. Jennifer lives in Philadelphia, PA, with her husband, a turtle, and two basset hounds. She is currently at work on the second book in the Firebird Trilogy.

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Stephanie Hartwell marched into her editor-in-chief’s office, flung the door shut, and slammed her stained coffee mug on his desk.

“No. Give me that story, Dave. Those assholes out there have had the chance to prove themselves. A million chances. I didn’t go to USC to write theater reviews.”

Dave failed to suppress a smile. “Nothing personal, Steph. The Volynsky trade is a big deal, and I need someone familiar with Seattle sports to cover it.”

The veins in her neck throbbed, and a flush burned her face. She’d never been good at controlling her emotions, especially anger. Especially when he was underestimating her because she had tits. “I’ve been here three years. You want ‘familiar’? Volynsky has played all eighty-two games for the past four seasons. Eighty points or higher in each of those seasons. Leads the league in shots on goal and is top ten in assists. He’s a plus-three, plays at least twenty-one minutes a game, and averages forty-eight goals per season. Shall I go on?”

Dave’s eyebrows inched toward his receding hairline.

“You know what they call me behind my back, Dave? ‘Puck bunny.’ I played hockey most of my life. I know the game. You show me a puck bunny that does.” She stabbed her finger at him. “Give me the story.”

“All right, all right, Jesus.” Dave waved his palms at her like two white flags. He clacked out what she presumed was a follow-up email relieving Shawn of his Volynsky duties. Stephanie tensed in a preemptive, involuntary defensive posture for the verbal assault she expected as soon as she left Dave’s office.

“How do you know all this, anyway?”

“Would you ask any of the guys that?”

“Not everything is an attack on you, Steph. I’m on your side. I know you feel like you have to be better than everyone just to be considered average.”

Stephanie let her shoulders sink and her fingers uncurl. The muscles in her neck ached. She expelled a long breath and shifted her gaze to the  view of Puget Sound out the window. The past had compromised her objectivity, but it would not compromise her job.

“Steph? You still with me?”

“Yeah. Sorry. Just thinking of the right lead.”

“That’s why you’re the best. Okay, the season opener is tomorrow night. You’re on it. Get him to agree to an exclusive story. I’ll see what I can do on my end. Rumor has it he’s difficult.”

She’d heard all the stories. Everyone had. The hard-drinking, womanizing bad boy. A modern-day Derek Sanderson and stereotypical star athlete, whose behavior fed rising public disgust with pro-sports salaries and Seattle’s own taxpayer-funded, three hundred fifty million-dollar Amazon Arena. The Seattle Earthquakes had struggled from day one two years ago in a market with an inexplicable lack of hockey fans, fewer than even Arizona or Florida. Giving away the farm for Volynsky—eight years, ninety-two million dollars, and two top prospects—volatile as he was, became a last-ditch effort to avoid the fates of the Predators, Coyotes, and Panthers, all relocated to Canada.

“I deal with bullshit from entitled man-children every day. I can handle him.” She’d done it before. In another life, when he’d been someone else.

Dave chuckled and shook his head. “I almost feel sorry for him. Now go. Do me proud.”

“You got it.” Stephanie plucked her mug from his desk and left the office. Her spine stiffened when she saw Shawn glaring at her over the long table, lined with computers on either side, at which the staff worked. She’d have no privacy unless she earned her coveted promotion and an office.

“We all know why you wanted that story.” His gaze landed on her chest, which wasn’t large, and she crossed her arms. The mug dangled from her fingertips. She stifled the urge to smash it over his head. But that would be all the ammo he’d need to prove he’d been right all along—that she was too irrational, too emotional, to handle the job.

Too female.

“Oh? Do tell me, Shawn. I mean, we’ve had so many deep, meaningful conversations. It couldn’t possibly be because I played hockey from age five until I graduated from college and still play adult league.” She lifted her chin and drilled her stare into him, hoping his head would explode Scanners style. “Why don’t you spend less time worrying about me and more time figuring out why you’re such a whiny, self-absorbed, spoiled little shit?”

A chorus of chuckles and “oohs” rose from the table. Shawn’s jaw muscles tightened, and his eyes were like an overcast day on the lake, reflecting her hatred back at her.

“Bitch,” he muttered as she walked away. With her back to him, she pretended to let the word roll off her like a raindrop, unimportant and unworthy of her attention. She slid into her chair, furious when tears pricked her eyes. She distracted herself with the mail left beside her monitor during her meeting. The latest People, their “One Hundred Most Beautiful” issue. Mindless eye candy. Just what she needed. She opened the magazine and skimmed the list.

Her heart stopped, skipped, restarted.

Number ninety-eight.

Aleksandr Volynsky: With his GQ looks and killer body, this twenty-five-year-old power forward has been setting the NHL on fire for seven seasons already. The six-foot-five Russian stud, as notorious for his off-ice antics as for his puck-handling skills, is surprisingly coy about his love life. “There is someone, yes,” he says. “We’re just not in the same place right now.”


He was naked from the waist up and clad in his hockey gear from the waist down, holding his stick in his right hand. They’d Photoshopped the scar on his right cheek, where four years ago an errant puck had split his face open, broken his jaw, and shattered several of his teeth.

God, he was beautiful.
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Tangled Up in You



Emily Breaux’s abusive, alcoholic husband keeps drinking away her dreams…

When he cleans out their bank account once too often, Emily packs her meager belongings and returns to her hometown of Bon Chance, Louisiana. Surrounded by the love and support of a group of old friends—collectively known as The Boonies—she’s determined to change her life and open her own catering company.

Contractor Noah Devereaux wants to help Emily rebuild more than just her family home…

Noah is an Iraq war veteran and fighting his own battle with PTSD, and he feels he has little to offer anyone. His nightmares and panic attacks leave him exhausted and on edge, yet he can’t help but find solace in Emily’s quiet presence.

Everyone has dreams, but it takes more than a wish to make them come true…

Emily struggles night and day to scrape together the money to start her business, but this doesn’t stop her friendship with Noah from blooming into something much more. He’s always there to cheer her on, and she’s his bit of tranquility for untangling his troubled mind.

It turns out starting over isn’t easy. Was coming back to Bon Chance a horrible mistake, a sign of failing to make it in the larger world?

But all her friends have returned as well, so maybe—just maybe—having the courage to go back to the beginning will prove the ingredients for a life of love and happiness have been waiting here all along…



A.L. Vincent is a teacher/writer who lives in the heart of Cajun Country. Born in Oklahoma, A.L. became fascinated with South Louisiana after reading Interview With the Vampire. Finally, she became a Cajun transplant in 2001. When not getting lost in a story line, A.L. can be found cooking or enjoying live local music. A.L. has one son, and a furball of a dog aptly named Furby.

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Things That Make Me Happy-Bollywood

In January I started (or thought I was starting) a weekly blog titled Things That Make Me Happy. It didn’t go anywhere thanks to life in general 🙂 I don’t know whether this is another dead end, but I am willing to try again.

Music makes me happy, many different kinds of music. One of which is Bollywood music. There is something very happy about Bollywood; love, happy endings, lots of wonderful dancing, beautiful costumes…what’s not to like? A while back I watched a modern Bollywood movie called I Hate Luv Storys (and no, I did not misspell it. That’s the correct title of the movie.) about a young (very handsome) young man who worked for a Bollywood Movie director. This young man hated the fact that each of those movies were sugary and had happy endings, but ironically ends up living his own version of a true love story. The music is fantastic, the dancing is great and…well, it just makes me happy!

Enjoy a snippet…

Releasing NOV. 3rd from Limitless Publishing!

love or justice


Laurie Shelton is the only person alive who can identify Hawaii’s most notorious mob boss…

After stumbling into a deadly kidnapping, Laurie’s life is in grave danger, and it falls to US Marshal Dante Stark to keep her safe until she testifies against Kaimi Quamboa—assuming he can be captured.

Dante knows he’ll lose his job if he becomes romantically involved with a witness…

But when he has to comfort her through constant nightmares, he finds it nearly impossible to fight his attraction to the beautiful, strong young woman he is sworn to protect. Laurie feels it too, but aware she’s in a high-stress situation and that when the danger is past she’ll never see Dante again, she tries to ignore his easygoing smile and the security he offers.

Laurie and Dante are forced to flee again…

When Kaimi’s men descend on their hideaway, they escape to a second safe house, only to be tracked down there as well. Dante now knows there’s a mole inside the US Marshal Service, and the only thing left to do is disappear.

Kaimi will never stop looking for Laurie, and if he’s caught, showing up to testify could be the last thing she ever does.

With each choice as dangerous as the next, Dante and Laurie must confront the boundaries of what they’re willing to sacrifice, and which is more important…

Love or Justice.



Rachel Mannino is a passionate writer who creates characters and settings that allow readers to explore power dynamics in relationships, the empowerment of women, and the ethical and moral dilemmas love can create in our lives. Rachel also uses her writing skills to raise thousands of dollars for entities that enrich our lives and create community change around the world. She has worked for the Peace Corps; the Humanities Council of Washington, DC; Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company; and the Mayor’s Office of Arts, Tourism and Special Events in Boston, MA. Her first novel, Love or Justice, will be published by Limitless Press in 2016. Rachel has a BA in theatre studies and writing, literature, and publishing from Emerson College, and she has used it every day since graduation. She lives with her husband, author Christopher Mannino (, and their adorable dog and cat in College Park, Maryland.

I Am Strong

Once in a while I have to remind myself that I am strong. People around me seem to think I am weak and easily malleable. They mistake tolerance and willingness to give people the benefit of the doubt for weakness. Unfortunately, I am embarrassed to admit, after a while I start believing them and I become overly critical of myself. So please forgive me this self-indulgent pep-talk, but I am in severe need of one.

I had a happy childhood with loving family to support me; a sister I still call my best friend, amazing mom and dad, protective grandparents, and a few great aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was happy but not necessarily easy. My parents were low-middle class, which where I come from amounts to poverty in this country. I never went hungry and my parents always provided for all our needs – sometimes at great sacrifice to themselves. My coloring set me up for all kinds of taunting as I grew up. In a country of dark people, my very white complexion, my reddish-blond hair (now almost a brown) and green eyes made me stick out like a sore thumb. I dreaded Summer because as soon as I set foot on the beach all I heard was, “Look at the Snow White. Has she ever been outside?” I hated it, but it made me stronger. Eventually I became aware that people were actually envious of my coloring and I hated myself a little less.

When I was about 10 years old my country experienced a revolution, a political coop that unseated the fascist government that had ruled for decades. It was a mostly bloodless revolution, but it was scary. The military who ruled in the interim was fond of flying jets low over towns in warning. Television became a tool of indoctrination and the horror stories being told by once political prisoners were terrifying and mind-blowing, especially to someone as young as me. How could humans do these things to each other?

My parents travelled a lot. My dad worked for an airline and once every so many years we were “stationed” somewhere else for a year or two. I lived in Cape Verde where I learned how to survive by telling jokes to keep the many bullies (both white and black) at bay.

I lived in Angola where my second grade teacher used to bring her adult brother to class with her. He would stand in front of the chalk board holding a huge machete and she would tell us, “The first one to misbehave will have to deal with my brother.”

When I was 12 I lived in Santa Maria, a tiny island in the Azores where a good friend of the family passed away in front of me and I discovered that child neglect is a very real thing (a good friend of mine had been left alone with her cats and dogs in her big house to fend for herself while her parents and older brother travelled around Europe—the whole year I was there).

When I was 16 we moved to Kinshasa, old Zaire where I got my first job as a secretary for a Japanese company and learned the ugly truth about human inequality and inequity. A country where a family man with a master’s degree had to live in a hovel with dirt floors and no electricity while his peers (who were lucky enough to be born elsewhere) lived the life of the rich and famous. A country of expensive skyscrapers whose walls were lined with men, women, and children suffering from horrifying diseases. In Kinshasa I also learned that no matter our differences it IS possible to live together in peace. My group of friends included a Jewish Swiss national, an Algerian agnostic, a Lebanese Muslim, and of course me, a white Catholic.

I learned I am good in an emergency. I manage to keep a cool head and I am not afraid to do what needs to be done to either solve the situation or at least avoid worse. My grandfather went into what looked like cardiac arrest. I performed CPR—probably incorrectly considering I was mimicking what I had seen on TV. It turned out to be a seizure and thankfully he survived.

I saved a little boy who had fallen in a swimming pool while the parents were distracted by their other child.

A co-worker and I saved a child choking on a hotdog by quickly reacting and taking turns doing the Heimlich maneuver.

I immigrated to a strange country where I had no family other than my new husband’s family (which I didn’t know then) and I brought my two boys up by myself while my husband served this country in the Navy. I had no one to babysit or help me when one of the boys needed to go to the hospital (and it happened a few times). I had no one to lend me money when times were tough. I taught myself how to sew and how to become really creative with ground beef and hotdogs. I drove the bus to the hospital when I needed surgery so my husband didn’t have to miss a day of training and I drove it to work every day through bad neighborhoods so we could make a little extra money to keep us afloat.

I AM strong! I survived my kids’ (very) trying teen years, my son’s frightening struggle with mental illness, my dad’s (my hero) sudden death, health scares, multiple surgeries, and betrayals…I am strong. I can do it! I will be all right…

On the Outside

Check out the amazing cover of ON THE OUTSIDE by S. Briones Lim! The third installment in the Caught Inside Series releases on NOV. 10th through Limitless Publishing. But don’t you worry! You can pre-order your copy TODAY and get it the second the book goes live! If you love Contemporary Romances, you need to check this book out!
✦✦✦ SYNOPSIS ✦✦✦
Harper Montgomery had it all. As the rising star in a new hit sitcom, she was making waves in the Big Apple until one nasty rumor quickly extinguished her flame.
After her character was unceremoniously killed off the show, she finds herself a pariah of the television world. To make matters worse, she makes the horrible mistake of sleeping with her best friend’s ex-fiancé and soon finds herself pushed out of her BFF’s life.
As one final attempt to salvage her career, Harper moves to San Diego, California and lands a role in a new movie. The only problem is, her character requires an in-depth knowledge of the water, which this New Yorker has none of.
Tall, dark and handsome, Xavier Greene has always been a go-getter, but very unlucky in love. As the producer for a new beach flick, he finds himself assigned to the task of teaching actress, Harper Montgomery, the ins and outs of California surfing.
Though the two have nothing in common, they soon find a mutual attraction. Unfortunately, Xavier’s sister Kacy and childhood friend Riley Dillon want nothing more than to tear the two apart.
Will the hotheaded New Yorker and laid back Californian make it work?
Or will their relationship be left on the outside?
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We are super excited to reveal the cover of SCARLET AWAKENING by Taylor Henderson today! And great news: you can PRE-ORDER your copy today too! SCARLET AWAKENING, Taylor Henderson’s Coming of Age Romance, releases OCT. 20th through Limitless Publishing and it’s available for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!
★★★ SYNOPSIS ★★★
With the drama of the school year behind them, sisters Lena and Ella Snotty are off to California for the summer…
Their parents have recently separated, and the sisters are becoming closer, though Lena can’t get past wanting to know more about their fractured family. While unpacking, Lena finds a photo of their mother with the twins she gave up for adoption, and notices something very strange.
In the photo, there’s a man she’s never seen before…
Assuming it must be the man who adopted the twins, Lena and Ella set out to find him so they can meet their younger siblings. As they search, Lena reconnects with Carter Anderson, the boy she dumped abruptly the year before, causing her to wonder whether or not she should return to Virginia in the fall.
Did the man in the picture, truly adopt the twins—or is John Symmes someone else altogether?
A journey through the past might just change their lives forever…
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